Friday, July 1, 2011

Artists' Block

I love art auctions. I enter different ones a couple times a year, sometimes online. The 13-year-old has chosen to help me with a piece I plan on sculpting. She helped me early on by going over about 2 dozen sketches I made and helping me choose the 2 we plan on modeling. I love her interest, she's never shown any in working in stone. She usually draws on her laptop, taking it practically everywhere. The 15-year-old will sometimes sketch outfits when she's got something on her mind (boys), but she usually ignores her creativity unless we're shopping. I am happy my daughters inherited my skills, it really helps me communicate with them. They wander into my studio to spend time with me, discussing their problems and inviting me to offer advice. My little girls are getting older, yet they still feel close enough to Mommy to talk about what's bothering them, and I feel very lucky. Teens don't always talk to their parents, and I will do everything I can to always be accessible when they need me.

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