Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Josef On The Move

My son rolled over today.

I put him down for his tummy time after a quick dip in the sink to freshen up before his nap. I was surprised the he emptied both boobs without falling asleep, and I thought a little tummy time might get him in the mood for a nap. While cleaning his bathroom, I hear the 13-year-old clapping and going, "yay!" I turn the corner to see him lying on his back, looking surprised. Ashlee says, "Mama, he rolled over!" I'm like yeah right and put him back on his tummy. Before I was out of the room Ashlee says, "Mama look, look!" My son is rolling over right before my eyes! Tears welled up in my eyes. I snatched him up and hugged him. Three months old and he's rolling over...before long, he'll be walking, then graduating high school. I think all the way back to when the 15-year-old rolled over, and how exciting that was for me. Watching my children grow and change is truly a wonderful experience, and I well up with pride thinking of how they are going to make the world so much better: Zoe, forming her own jazz band featuring her on flute, Ashlee, producing her own anime cartoons, and Josef, kicking ass in the MMA cage (according to his father). I am so proud looking at each one of them, and I love them so much.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Better Day

i thought friday would be better than thursday's hell at the social security office. those people live to aggravate. my hubby returning home was the brightest spot of the day. no, the long, hot bath was the brightest spot (sorry hun). anyhoo, friday began with breakfast; eggs benedict (from hubby), eggos (from 13yo), sunny d (from 15yo), and sugar slob kisses (baby josef). after feeding the baby and myself, i walk to the den to find it destroyed, along with the kitchen, and not another soul in the house. just when i fluff the last pillow in the den, my husband shows up and says the girls are at the mall. no sooner than we start, i discover there's no more spermicide for the stupid diaphram. damn! Hubby says, let's go get more. it took me 30 minutes to get ready and another hour to blast him off the x box 360. we end up at walmart where i go nuts shopping and forget the spermicide. we stop at walgreens and get it, and by then it's time to get the girls from the mall. get home to find the baby didn't sleep a wink while we were gone. he was fussy and tired. i fed him and put him down for his nap so i could go see what his dad was up to. he's back on the 360. friday turned out to be just as crazy as thursday, and i still haven't used the spermicide. damn! maybe...aww screw it (no pun intended).   

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well Baby

i took the little man to the doctor today for his checkup. i was pleased. he now weighs 13.9lbs and he is 23in long! i am so proud my baby is thriving so well on breastmilk. i still feed on demand, and he will nurse once or twice during the night. the doctor's office looks great now, they have separate waiting rooms for the sick and well children. sitting in the well child lobby, i watched Tangled on the flatscreen, while politely shooing away cute kiddies who got to close to my baby's face. little kids like to touch, but some parents aren't big on sanitizing and so i have an aversion to kids touching my son. i even make my own girls wash their hands before they pick him up.

after we got home, i called my husband and relayed the news of his well visit. of course he says the baby is doing so well because of his genes, but i know it's because of mommy's good breastmilk. tonight i'm going to start pumping again, i haven't pumped in a while because that and nursing had begun to make me really sore. but my husband wants to feed him so he can bond with him. he's asleep now, and i'm headed down to my studio to work on sketch for a piece i plan on sculpting for a show in october. it will be a challenge, the 13-year-old's down there and i'll have to crawl past the den to keep her from seeing me! ;-)

Late Night

sitting in my son's room, watching him sleep and pumping. now that he is down for the night i can prepare him for the next day. well baby visit tomorrow. can't wait to ask what to do about his adorable thumb-sucking. it's cute, but the 15-year-old ended up needing braces after sucking her thumb. she got them off this year, along with her back brace (she has scoliosis). the 13-year-old is creating another masterpiece for youtube. she carefully draws and colors each scene of her movies, all on her laptop, and uploads them. she has her laptop with her whenever i see her, and she still finds time to be social. she's socializing with me right now. when i leave his room i will be in her's until i go downstairs to my bedroom. my husband is in vegas, so i'm sure she will find her way in bed with me before morning. be sure to check out Echostar24 on youtube to see what my baby can do  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


everyday, i paint a little, draw a little, sketch a little. ashlee, my 13 year old, she is into manga. she tries to outdo me and sometimes she does. the only difference in us is that she only creates manga. i am a more classical artist. i use oil on canvas, and i love sketching in charcoal. maybe once or twice a year i will sculpt a piece, and they are donated to be autioned for the homeless. my studio is in home. ashlee is not allowed inside, she hates this rule. it tickles me to see the look on her face when i go to the door, a look of hope mixed with envy. once i let her inside and she created a mess with her supplies. upon eviction of her things, she vowed to start her own studio in nyc after college that i would not be allowed in. since josef was born i have added a baby monitor to the studio to hear his little conversations and cries. so now i go to the studio, and i look forward to it.