Monday, September 26, 2011

My Zoe

She is complicated to some, but I can understand. She gives me hints to what she's thinking. She communicates with me without revealing all her thoughts directly. That would violate the "teenage code". Her life is pretty easy, although to her, it seems hard sometimes. She endures the awe of the 13y/o with kindness and, at times, extreme patience. She has nothing but love for the infant. Sometimes she devotes her time to him only, taking him to her room and playing with him for hours.

Zoe can be a trying soul at times. Her pranks have caused her Dad hours of frustration. They bump heads, she cries, she pouts, he gives in, happiness again. With me, she holds a grudge because I'm not so easy. I remember what it was like being a 15y/o, so I don't give in so simply. Zoe knows how far she can go with me. She's not so very much trouble, however. She spends a lot of her time being Youth Council President at church. She loves her position. The 13y/o likes her big sister being in charge.

So that's my Zoe. Church leader, advanced placement sophmore, oldest daughter, and teen with minimal angst. My first child, almost 16 years old.