Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Future is Near

School days are getting closer. My daughters both love school. The 15y/o is going into the 10th grade, the 13y/o is going to the 8th grade. They are young ladies now (the 13y/o still sleeps with Mommy sometimes) and I just get teary thinking about them going away to college. Zoe only has 2 years of high school left after this year. She can't wait. I can, she wants to go to Spelman in Atlanta. My baby half a world away, I hate thinking about it. She'll be too young to be so far away from Mommy.

Ashlee wants to go to UNLV. I can handle that. I knew she wouldn't leave Mommy. Ashlee won't break Mommy's heart going all the way across country. And besides the fact that Baby Josef will still be here (Zoe is laughing herself silly while I write this), it still won't be the same without the girls. Maybe I'm being selfish (stop laughing at me, girls). I know I'll still be Mommy, I know they will still need me and I'll get over Ashlee not sleeping with me because Josef will be sleeping with me (you can stop laughing now, Zoe).

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  1. Mine are 6, almost 2, and 5 months and I get all choked up and panicky when I think about them going off to college! I dunno how you do it!