Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I miss my baby at naptime. Even when he's asleep right next to me, I miss him. The cuteness is just too much to be away from even for a moment. And to make things worse, he makes adorable little noises while he is napping. It takes all my strength not to wake him up an take all his sugars. The 13y/o hovers around his room to try and get all the fresh post-nap sugars for herself. I've got to make up a plan to distract her so the sugars will be all mine. Yesterday, I heard him on the monitor, went up, and she already had him, stealing all the fresh sugar kisses I had waited 3 hours to get. That cannot happen again. She has got to understand that post-nap sugars belong to Mommy. During the night, the 15y/o and the 13y/o have their sugars stolen by me while they're asleep. Post-nap baby sugars are MINE! BWAHAHAHAHA!!


  1. I'm exactly the same way. Although, now that mine doesn't really nap anymore, I miss naptime!

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  2. I love post nap time, too!

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  3. Post nap time and first thing in the morning are my favourite! They are just so happy it's contagious!

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