Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Josef is now sleeping all night. I miss the 3am nursing, because this late at night, I have him all to myself. My sleeping is still tuned to his 3am feedings, so I am usually awake, just in case he wakes up. I spend my time waiting in my studio working on a piece I plan to sell at auction. I'm also working on a poster for the WIC program, but that's daytime work. I am alone unless the 13 y/o comes downstairs. She's my shadow, and she can smell when I'm in my studio. Tonite, I can work. I've checked on the baby a dozen times. He is so cute, it's all I can do not to wake him so I can satisfy my longing to hold him. Since he's sleeping all night, we have a ritual we go through before his bedtime. First, a bath. Next, a full baby massage featuring a jazz cd donated by the 15 y/o. Finally I read him Goodnite Moon while I nurse him, then he falls asleep for the night. I miss Baby Sugars (nickname given by the 13 y/o). I love to watch him nurse, he smiles and gazes so sweetly. He usually wakes around 6am, I think I'll go nap in his room until he wakes.

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  1. We have goodnight Moon. I may have to break the book out tonight for C3 and let her have some Daddy Time