Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Josef On The Move

My son rolled over today.

I put him down for his tummy time after a quick dip in the sink to freshen up before his nap. I was surprised the he emptied both boobs without falling asleep, and I thought a little tummy time might get him in the mood for a nap. While cleaning his bathroom, I hear the 13-year-old clapping and going, "yay!" I turn the corner to see him lying on his back, looking surprised. Ashlee says, "Mama, he rolled over!" I'm like yeah right and put him back on his tummy. Before I was out of the room Ashlee says, "Mama look, look!" My son is rolling over right before my eyes! Tears welled up in my eyes. I snatched him up and hugged him. Three months old and he's rolling over...before long, he'll be walking, then graduating high school. I think all the way back to when the 15-year-old rolled over, and how exciting that was for me. Watching my children grow and change is truly a wonderful experience, and I well up with pride thinking of how they are going to make the world so much better: Zoe, forming her own jazz band featuring her on flute, Ashlee, producing her own anime cartoons, and Josef, kicking ass in the MMA cage (according to his father). I am so proud looking at each one of them, and I love them so much.


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  3. Wow, rolling already? What an advanced little one! Carina just turned 6 months today and she has only rolled once, yesterday. I'm jealous of Josef's skills :)

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