Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Holiday Weekend!

independance day weekend was so much fun! on friday, i took the kids to the library. we spent two hours there. while the 13-year-old searched for manga that she hadn't read, the baby and i strolled around, enjoying the children's section. i can't wait until he is old enough to pick out books he wants me to read to him. the whole section is adorable with chairs and tables for the kids, a puppet show area, and a theater for movies and plays. Ashlee loves the teen section, she loves to sit in there and read. Zoe likes to go with her friends and use the study rooms. on saturday, we all went shopping in vegas. i love las vegas, it's where my family lives. it turned out to be a great family trip. on sunday, the whole family went to church before going to my dad's for barbecue. monday we all went to my grandmothers for dinner at her house before returning home. the baby made the trip well, he acually slept there and back. can't wait to see vegas again, without the kids!

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