Saturday, June 25, 2011

Better Day

i thought friday would be better than thursday's hell at the social security office. those people live to aggravate. my hubby returning home was the brightest spot of the day. no, the long, hot bath was the brightest spot (sorry hun). anyhoo, friday began with breakfast; eggs benedict (from hubby), eggos (from 13yo), sunny d (from 15yo), and sugar slob kisses (baby josef). after feeding the baby and myself, i walk to the den to find it destroyed, along with the kitchen, and not another soul in the house. just when i fluff the last pillow in the den, my husband shows up and says the girls are at the mall. no sooner than we start, i discover there's no more spermicide for the stupid diaphram. damn! Hubby says, let's go get more. it took me 30 minutes to get ready and another hour to blast him off the x box 360. we end up at walmart where i go nuts shopping and forget the spermicide. we stop at walgreens and get it, and by then it's time to get the girls from the mall. get home to find the baby didn't sleep a wink while we were gone. he was fussy and tired. i fed him and put him down for his nap so i could go see what his dad was up to. he's back on the 360. friday turned out to be just as crazy as thursday, and i still haven't used the spermicide. damn! maybe...aww screw it (no pun intended).   

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  1. This cracks me up. Lmfao. Tonight hopefully will be better.:)