Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well Baby

i took the little man to the doctor today for his checkup. i was pleased. he now weighs 13.9lbs and he is 23in long! i am so proud my baby is thriving so well on breastmilk. i still feed on demand, and he will nurse once or twice during the night. the doctor's office looks great now, they have separate waiting rooms for the sick and well children. sitting in the well child lobby, i watched Tangled on the flatscreen, while politely shooing away cute kiddies who got to close to my baby's face. little kids like to touch, but some parents aren't big on sanitizing and so i have an aversion to kids touching my son. i even make my own girls wash their hands before they pick him up.

after we got home, i called my husband and relayed the news of his well visit. of course he says the baby is doing so well because of his genes, but i know it's because of mommy's good breastmilk. tonight i'm going to start pumping again, i haven't pumped in a while because that and nursing had begun to make me really sore. but my husband wants to feed him so he can bond with him. he's asleep now, and i'm headed down to my studio to work on sketch for a piece i plan on sculpting for a show in october. it will be a challenge, the 13-year-old's down there and i'll have to crawl past the den to keep her from seeing me! ;-)

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