Tuesday, June 21, 2011


everyday, i paint a little, draw a little, sketch a little. ashlee, my 13 year old, she is into manga. she tries to outdo me and sometimes she does. the only difference in us is that she only creates manga. i am a more classical artist. i use oil on canvas, and i love sketching in charcoal. maybe once or twice a year i will sculpt a piece, and they are donated to be autioned for the homeless. my studio is in home. ashlee is not allowed inside, she hates this rule. it tickles me to see the look on her face when i go to the door, a look of hope mixed with envy. once i let her inside and she created a mess with her supplies. upon eviction of her things, she vowed to start her own studio in nyc after college that i would not be allowed in. since josef was born i have added a baby monitor to the studio to hear his little conversations and cries. so now i go to the studio, and i look forward to it.

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  1. That is nice that you share that interest in art. And thanks for not naming your mma fighting man, I would be too scared to visit, but my little C4 may take him.