Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Late Night

sitting in my son's room, watching him sleep and pumping. now that he is down for the night i can prepare him for the next day. well baby visit tomorrow. can't wait to ask what to do about his adorable thumb-sucking. it's cute, but the 15-year-old ended up needing braces after sucking her thumb. she got them off this year, along with her back brace (she has scoliosis). the 13-year-old is creating another masterpiece for youtube. she carefully draws and colors each scene of her movies, all on her laptop, and uploads them. she has her laptop with her whenever i see her, and she still finds time to be social. she's socializing with me right now. when i leave his room i will be in her's until i go downstairs to my bedroom. my husband is in vegas, so i'm sure she will find her way in bed with me before morning. be sure to check out Echostar24 on youtube to see what my baby can do  

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